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Identifying good design in just 6 steps

Why is it important to identify a Good Design when all designs are good? Sounds crazy right… Something that looks perfectly good to me may not look the same to you. This is where designers end up frustrated with their boss/client.

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UI and UX, What is the difference? Wait, What will I tell if my client ask me this question?

A very common question people ask when you say UX and UI, “What is the difference?” They both have “U” in common, If there is a difference, what is it? And a lot more, right? Ok, cool!

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How I’m hiring a Designer?

UX is a hard skill to teach; no formal certificate is required, and Neither two career path nor job descriptions are the same. In fact, fasten down exactly what UX can be difficult. It can mean different things to different people. Some UX design positions require only graphic design skills, others mainly planning and wireframing.

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Introduction to Heuristic Evaluation

A Beginners guide to evaluate a product’s usability. Heuristic Evaluation is a technique derived by the Nielson Norman group to assess the usability of a digital product. This is usually performed by a set of usability experts who reviews a product against the set of thumb rules derived the Norman group. These thumb rules at sometimes are revised by the usability engineers to accommodate more findings.

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Looking for a Designer?

This is the single most common phase I hear from new startups. What they are usually looking for is someone who can do everything. They want someone who can make pretty icons, buttons,navigation,screen design & social media banner designs, logically arrange UI elements on screen, and maybe even do some front-end development.

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