Looking for a Designer?

"Looking for a Designer". This is the most common phrase I hear from new startups. What they are usually looking for is someone who can do everything. They want someone who can make good-looking icons, buttons,navigation,screen design & social media banner designs, logically arrange UI elements on screen, and maybe even to do some front-end development. Due to the broad sweeping scope of this role, we usually hear smaller companies asking to hire a "Designer" rather than being specific in their needs.

1. Concerned with how the product feels - UI designer
2. How the product is laid out - UX Designer
3. What the interface does after a user touches it. - Interaction Designer
4. Who are our users and what do our users want - UX Researcher

The boundaries between each of these various design roles are very fluid. Some UX designers are also expected to do interaction design, and often UI designers are expected to push pixels as well. The best way to look for the right person is to describe what you expect the designer to do within your product, and choose a title that best represents the primary task of that person.

Why UXIndia??

We always offer a fast & reliable service. We have a firm background and knowledge in the space of design for more then 12+ years. We’re a small & flexible team with creative ideas and lean in design process. We take on fewer projects, so our clients get our undivided attention and an all-round better level of service to ensure that the service you receive will be the best.

Our Service. We’re a design team that likes to listen and get results. By listening to your users and working with you, we help to create a more effective product that creates end user delight.

We’ll help you create a balanced product. We believe that a great user experience is born of the right blend of good usability and high end visual design, and neither one should be sacrificed for the other. We are specialized in user experience research, strategy, design and evaluation. Finding the right talent is the first step. If you need technical support, we can manage to build your project via a preferred supplier.